Personal Statement:

With the SWISH Basketball App and the SWISH Website, we want to share our passion for sports and social interaction. We are committed to transparency and approachability. Please contact us, if you have any problem with our service or policy, or about any other subjects and suggestions.

User Accounts and Content:

We intentionally allow the use of the SWISH Basketball App and the SWISH Basketball website without a user account. We only store an identification number and the voluntarily provided user name. No further personal data is taken from your phone or stored on our server. However, we do reserve the right to block any users access to our service at any time and without any notice. In the same way we reserve right to delete any user’s comments, whether due to technical mistakes or inappropriate content.

Content Responsibility

We do not take responsibility for content of any nature that is posted by users. If rights or dignity of third parties are violated we reserve the right to take action by removing said content and possible cancellation of the violator's account.

Privacy Policy

We reserve the right of using anonymous user data statistics to further develop our online service. Content can be chosen to be posted anonymously so that the creator's name will be hidden to the rest of the community. Email addresses or other personal data will not be shared with any third party.

Change of Policy and Shut Down

Due to the fact that the SWISH Basketball App and SWISH website are in its early stage, our policies are still subject to change and can be updated at any time. We also reserve the right to shut down our service at any time if the circumstances require it.